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These tiny micro recording devices are simple to use and do not require any special software to listen to your recorded files. Plug the device directly into your computer and listen to your files through a VLC media player, Windows media player or iTunes.

World's Smallest Digital Audio Recording. The size of a paperclip, this little recorder has been a long-standing tool for our private investigator clients. With a 40 foot range, it is one of our most versatile spy gadgets.

Spy USB Voice Recorder +8 Gb Memory Stick in One - Audio Digital Sound Voice Recorder - Spy Gadget

Very similar to our long-selling "World's Smallest," recorder, this mini voice recorder brings some new features for With most of our recorders, you have to plug them into your computer to start, stop and skip the playback. This unique design offers digital voice recording with on-the-field playback with time stamps.

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Its small size makes it easily hidden for full-room monitoring. The USB recorder has a big following. This one takes on a new identity and offers even more discretion by being disguised as a power bank.

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Lend to a friend or carry it in your backpack to have instant recording capabilities with day standby. The flash drive recorder is popular for its ability to mimic the ever-present flash drive. It can be used either plugged into a computer or as a stand-alone voice recorder.

As a digital voice activated recorder, you can have days of endless monitoring, thanks to the integrated standby features.

The Best USB Hidden Spy Audio Voice Recorders of Reviews

Spy Recorder Pen. This 8GB voice activated recorder is cleverly disguised as a writing utensil.

Enjoy 19 hours of battery life -- twice that of the mini micro! Perfect for protecting yourself with non-confrontational audio recordings. Key Chain Voice Recorder. The Keychain voice recorders are one of our most popular listening devices, thanks to their ability to be hidden in plain sight.

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High quality voice recording from up to 28 feet away means you can capture every conversation. The external mic version offers a 3 foot extended mic that makes it even easier to hide the recorder. You can set the time stamp of recordings to your local time using a Windows computer.

This way, you will know exactly when each recording took place. This product was only available to law enforcement in Europe but is now available to the public in the US. Made in the United Kingdom. The Black Vox voice recorder is available in an internal mic or external mic format.


The external mic version has a 3 foot extended microphone that makes it even easier to hide from sight.