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With one-time passwords, you can organize emergency access or manage access to the most critical endpoints. This functionality allows a security officer to generate a unique temporary password granting server access and send it to a user. Another variation is generating a one-time password upon user request via a form during the login procedure.

All requests are logged and manually processed by security experts, who decide whether to approve or deny temporary access.

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With this toolset enabled on a jumbox as an entry point, you can configure who can access what endpoints within a protected perimeter and set up expiration and update dates for corresponding credentials, which are stored and managed via a secure password vault. Connecting login procedures with information stored in a ticketing system allows you to implement a purpose-based access scheme. By enabling this option, you require users to enter a valid ticket number to start working with target machines. In this case, the system associates a session with its purpose and delivers additional information to the ticketing system about work performed.

Ekran System employee tracking software integrates with your infrastructure, including with leading SIEM and ticketing systems. Ekran System is an employee activity monitor that delivers session recording and activity audit as well as identity and access management by means of a single lightweight software agent installed on an endpoint. Ekran System supports all popular operating systems, virtualization solutions, and network architectures.

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With Ekran System, you don't have to choose between agent-based and jump server schemes: we support any combination. Designed to work on tens of thousands of endpoints, Ekran System demonstrates exceptional stability and performance. The platform provides several important feature sets to support large-scale projects, such as high availability, multi-tenancy, system resource and health monitoring dashboards, and automated maintenance tasks.

The unique licensing offered by Ekran System enables cost-effective deployments of any size, from small pilots to enterprise projects. Floating licensing enables license reassignment in a couple of clicks. For virtual environments, this process is automated. Ekran is an on-premise software solution with a reliable internal encryption system and forensic export functionality.

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The platform records sessions locally even when the server connection is lost. When the connection is restored, data is synchronized. The Ekran System development team is ready to meet specific needs of your enterprise by adding and adapting features at your request.

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As a Managed Service Provider we are responsible for our customers' servers but aren't the only ones with access and often well intentioned 3rd parties cause disruption with unauthorised changes. It's like having CCTV for your server and in these times of a need for heightened security and auditing this is perfect for the job. Our cloud based centralised management console makes it easy for us to monitor all our customers in one place, which is great for a MSP as we can quickly deploy this to customers with minimal, if any, changes to their network or infrastructure.

Ekran gives me confidence when working with external service providers, resolves concerns about using such vendor monitoring services we had in the past. The system monitors suppliers and if there is any concern, I can track everything. Ekran System has become a great choice to record and audit user actions in our infrastructure. It delivers a powerful and flexible user activity tracking tools; moreover, the Ekran team was ready to customize the platform for our needs adding several new features.

That's what they're supposed to do, right? This is one of the major reasons why it's complicated to detect and investigate security incidents related to high-risk inside actors.

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  6. The most devastating and most covert attacks on the modern cybersecurity landscape originate from insiders who have access, know the ins and outs of the corporate infrastructure, and perform thousands of operations with data and configurations every day. If you need a SaaS solution, contact your MSP partner to get information about options they can provide. Ekran System applies highly optimized formats to store session recordings and metadata.

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