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Top 10 Best Free Hidden Spy Apps For Android Undetectable

Check out some of the advanced features offered by Highster Mobile to get a better idea about the software. The data comes to your online account with the contact numbers, date and time of each call. Social media control — highster Mobile allows you to remotely check whether your children and employees are wasting their time on social networking websites like Instagram and Facebook. However it must be noted that this feature is compatible only with a rooted Android device.

In addition to the current location, you will also have access to the detailed location history of the target device using the map feature in the Control Panel. The Control Panel allows you to create time triggers, change display options, in addition to providing an array of real-time spying features.

Best 5 Cell Phone Tracking Software - Phone Spy Apps Review

Remote uninstall — While you need physical access to the target device to install Highster Mobile, uninstalling it is far easier and can be done remotely and discreetly, without ever letting the device owner know that they were being monitored. Unlike most other cell phone spying software on the market today, Highster Mobile does not have to be purchased for a limited period using a subscription plan, but can purchased with a one-time payment for its full range of features.

At number 5 on our list of the hottest spying software for cell phones we have The TruthSpy, the covert and undetectable cell phone monitoring software that has been designed to cater to the monitoring needs of parents, couples and employers. To cater to such diverse audiences, The TruthSpy comes with an incredible range of features that allow you to remain undercover, and remotely gather huge amounts of information from the target device, all in real time.

The software is particularly well known for its ability to monitor WhatsApp messages on Android devices, without the need for the device to be rooted. The TruthSpy comes with several unique features that will take your tracking experience to the next level, right from the comfort of your home. Restrict internet usage — In a unique and incredible feat of innovation, The TruthSpy makes it easy for you to restrict the internet usage of your children and employees if you feel that they are visiting inappropriate websites, or if they are spending too much time on social networking websites.

Record surrounding sounds — Remotely switch on the microphone of the monitored device to listen in on what is being said or done around the device.

3 Best Spy Apps for Android Device in 12222

Further, you can even fix the time at which you wish to activate the microphone and record the surrounding sounds, which can later be accessed by you from the Control Panel. Monitor calls — TruthSpy enables you to seamlessly monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device, with detailed reports about the date and time of such calls, along with getting access to the audio recordings of all calls.

In addition, TruthSpy comes with a unique feature that allows you to set an alert for when the target device receives a call from a particular number, upon which you will receive a notification. Access multimedia files — Keep a tab on all the photos and videos that are being stored on the target device, to ensure that nothing confidential is being shared by company employees, and that your children are not accessing objectionable content on the internet.

Monitor instant messengers — With TruthSpy you can read all the messages that are sent and received on instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook, along with detailed time stamps with each message.

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Further, you will also get to see all the photos, videos and audio records that are exchanged using these instant messaging services. Similarly, Hoverwatch and FlexiSPY are also great options at affordable rates, which make monitoring an effortless experience, complete with easy to install packages cutting edge features.

Part 1. 7 Best Hidden Free Spy Apps for Android with 100% Undetectable

Price: Free Prey Anti Theft is another find-my-device style app. This one is entirely free and has some decent features. They include the usual array of find-my-phone features like GPS tracking, phone locking, and sending alarms through the phone. Price: Free Spyera is one of the most intense spy apps for Android.

It boasts simple features for people like parents. It has a bunch of features, including the ability to hide itself from basically everywhere. It also comes with remote control support, SMS spoofing, and all kinds of other admittedly shady behavior.

2. TrackMyFone

These services work about as expected. You can keep track of the phone location of any phone on your plan. They usually feature things like on-demand location, alerts of various types, and it works on most devices. Price: Free Several phone manufacturers have phone finding services as part of their software experience. One notable example is Samsung. You log in with your Samsung account and you can find your device with its service. You can lock or unlock your phone, find it on a map, and there are other features as well.

It has all of those frightening features like monitoring call logs, GPS tracking, monitoring web browsing, access chats, and all kinds of other tracking stuff. All packages include iMessage, WhatsApp, and Skype messages tracking. If you need any help, you can contact support via email or live chat. It makes this application reliable. No need to jailbreak.

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  6. Total control over social media. This cell phone tracking software is mostly used by parents and employers. It is a great option if you decide to spy on cheating spouse cell phone. And free yourself from the potential divorcement.

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    GPS tracker and locker. A parent may limit access to the target mobile device to prevent the child from overusing it. You can contact support through a ticket system. It is a one-time fee, no annual pay or monthly subscription is necessary for this inexpensive solution with all the necessary set of tracking features. It is undetectable, and we have not detected any serious operation errors.

    Highster Mobile is a good torrent because of a one-time fee. It is nice if you compare it to offers of other companies — monthly, annually and so on; and it is relatively inexpensive if you take into consideration that you just have to pay once. It can be installed on multiple phones, which is a benefit, assuming that with other programs you have to pay per every installation separately. Real-time GPS tracking. A worrying parent will see where the child plans to go after school thanks to the mobile phone location history and real-time tracking.

    Observe the entire history of calls to find which person your child prefers to talk to; manage contacts to delete the suspicious guys from the list; limit the access to some applications. A useful tool that allows keeping an eye on your children or employees and reports whom they had conversations with, sent text messages and emails. Still, it has useful monitoring tools to track basic functions. The application is easy to download, operate and it has a friendly interface; its price should be taken into consideration. It is high considering this application, from our point of view.

    5 Best Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews

    Given that Flexispy offers such powerful feature: live call interception and recording — it might still be worth it; some users choose this product based on this exclusive function and possibility to watch your husband carefully! A user can enable a built-in camera distantly to watch what the object is doing a day long and control the camera. Live call intercept. A user may monitor phone calls from the beginning to the end, record the full conversations and save those MP3 files.

    XNSPY provides users with a variety of comprehensive features. What are some of them? XNSPY allows the user to see emails, texts and all other types of communication on targeted phones. Track SMS, app activity, and call logs. GPS tracking. It has several essential features. They make it the best way to spy on cell phone without touching target phone. Teensafe allows monitoring activities on different targeted phones: incoming and outgoing SMS messages, Instagram, WhatsApp, and internet.

    Part 2: Top Spy Apps For Phones Rated From Best to Worst

    It allows tracking outgoing and incoming calls. Deleted messages can be viewed, using TeenSafe cell spy app. Parents can even access the location of their children, using a GPS tracking feature.