Cheating boyfriend caught

So I became calm. But what should I do now? Does reverse psychology work so he'd realize the mistake he's doing now? And how do I do it?

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In my situation, I already caught them and talked to both parties. Forgave both of them. But this instance made me suspect something is still going on so I want to know what to do or if reverse psych work and how to make my man realize that he should stop what he is doing if he is still doing it.

I have tried: I tried being really nice to him. I wasn't always getting mad anymore. I think it was caused by: I think it was because I was with him all the time or we have been fighting a lot lately. But the reason of the fights was all along I didn't know it back then because of the girl.

The reasons we're fighting is when he's going MIA and all that which I eventually knew that he was with her. Yes No I need help The other girl is not the cause of your unraveling relationship. In fact, you can't blame her at all. Your boyfriend will not change other than get better at deception and keeping you in the dark.

It is great that you have forgiven and now is the time for acceptance and moving on. I am not sure if my boyfriend is cheating or not sometimes he acts so weird and at the same time, he looks like he doesn't want to lose me am a good girl he knows. It doesn't seem like he loves me It's different because we are in a long distance relationship and everything is just different because l and him are totally different from people in here situations can never be the same the can be slightly alike but different.

I have tried: I told him if he is cheating am going to break up with him and he said he won't cheat and promised. I think it was caused by: I think firstly it's because l have not been supporting him that much in his music career l wanted him to do school first then later music but he want music first.. This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer. Hi I'm been with my ole man for a year and10mos now. Everything was good at the beginning but 4months in the beginning he tried flirting with a woman who works at the store.

I forgave him so I gave him a chance we'll a few months after that my sister and her friend will come over to visit me and I kinda seen a flirt in him to my sister friend but I didn't say anything so I keep inside until I know the truth. Well my daughter had a baby shower and my sister invites her friend to the shower well everything was going good until I Walk in the kitchen where I seen him kneeing down talking to her and flirting I went off but not to bad because it was my daughter baby shower but once we left and went home I went crazy on him.

But stupid me I gave him another chance. Well it's been like 6 months now and he never tried cheating or flirt with anybody else that I don't know of. But just the other day went stop at the store and I had my mom with me and he went in the store well he was the only one in the store it doesn't take long to ask for a pack of cigarettes pay for them in leave well 7mins then passed and when someone else went in the store you can see the girl that's there smiling and laughing.

When he came to the car you can see the guilt in his face so I went again and I told him I'm done I'm going on with my life he kept on telling me that I'm tripping and everything else. I need help because this relationship is pulling a toll on me.

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I never been in a relationship that I have to worried about getting cheated on or anything like that. It's sad because I really love him and wanted this to work but if he's trying to cheat or talk to other woman then my life and my kids life means more than getting played by a man. I really thought it was me tripping all the time because I have a lot of issues already that I face everyday but now I know it's not me I didn't do any wrong in this relationship.

I don't even talk to nobody or flirt with no one.

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  • I'm getting to old to be playing stupid games. I need help I need answers before I loose it.

    They left unsent messages in the drafts folder

    I think my ole man wants another relationship because he flirts and tries his best to holla at other woman. I have tried: I try to be a good ole lady for him everyday I make sure he got food cook clothes folded and clothes in the bathroom after his shower I do everything he asked me to do for him. I think it was caused by: I really don't know. Well at the beginning I got kicked out of my place so he wanted us to go stay with his cousin for a second so we can saved up and get a place together well that's when the flirting started happening when we was living with his family and his ex girlfriend kept coming to visit at his family house I guess to come see him because he was staying with me for 2 months before we moved in with his family Was this helpful?

    I just found out that he was cheating with this girl for 8yrs now me and him we have 10yrs now.

    And I asked him what is his tensions to ward's her. He said, "I must please give him some time to thing this through" and he was helping her for her studies. Like he did it tome. And the worse part he listen to this girl more than me. Everything she said to him, he does it with no questions. I suffer this years am hurt. Am confused! Everything I said it's true. My situation is very difficult at this time. Am lost because I have two kids now for this men.

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    And we don't talk much. I have tried: I took him to his father. We talk I tolled him his way of this. And I have tried even to seat down with him asking does he still loves. And he said yes he still wants to be with me. Because I was ready to move on. I think it was caused by: I real don't know. Because I have done everything I thought men want I have loved him, respected him and taking Carr of him as my King. I real don't know. I found an earing,, eyeshadow stick and also a toothpick that had lipstick on it and when I asked he said he doesn't know who left them as he does not lock his room.

    I noticed a new number stalking me on WhatsApp. The person was not texting me so she stalked me for a week then I was forced to text and ask her if we had met before or if we share a group. She said neither of the two but told me she had gotten my number from my boyfriend so that she can expand customer base for selling cake since she is a baker. I asked her if she new my name then she told me the this guy had told her My names. And when she also told me her names they were the names of a lady that has always been tagging this guy I call a boyfriend on every posts of hers.

    So this left me puzzled. I even feared to confront this guy and ask him. Its different because have never seen a situation where a guy is confusing two different girls at the same time.