How to find iphone software on windows

Use Sync to back up the iPhone and update it with any changes from your iTunes library.

Use Back Up Now to make a copy of your contacts, photos, and settings. When the sync is complete, the iPhone management screen shows the version of iOS on the device and information about a newer version if one is available. Select Update to begin the process. Select Download Only to download the software for a later update or select Download and Install to update now. Read the information about new features, fixes, and changes the new version of the iOS offers, then select Next.

How To Download and Install New iOS Updates

If prompted, follow the instructions. A warning appears if there isn't enough free storage space on the device to install the update.

Dedicated Tool to Transfer Between iPhone & PC

Update the iPhone to solve the problem. To put it simply, iTools for Windows lets you manage your Apple devices in Windows. Most of what this software offers is already available on iTunes, but a lot of people find iTunes tricky to use and look for alternatives. This app is great for those people, offering a free way to tweak your device with a simpler and Apple-free user interface.

The primary features of iTools are being able to manage apps a lot quicker than trying to drag them all around on the phone screen , importing photos and viewing device storage levels. However, you can go further that than. For example, the Ringtone maker is an excellent addition which is sadly lacking from iTunes. This lets you turn your songs into ringtones, something Android phones do for free and Apple is strangely lacking.

For example, when managing apps, you can see three buttons next to each app which let you check out the app info, back it up or uninstall at a single click.

These little useability touches make this software more user friendly and will appeal to those tired of messing with iTunes. It should be noted however that the app manager can be slow; this software struggles at time to access devices. This free app is very well laid out, similar enough to iTunes to make it easy to learn, but different enough to solve problems you may get with the original.

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Managing your media is very easy with a drag and drop interface, plus iTools converts mp3 to m4r automatically at the point of transfer to save you more time and effort. Those wishing to have a little more access to their phone will find iTools for Windows very useful.

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Despite being free there are no adverts and this software works with both jail broken and default devices, which may be a consideration for those who have modified phones. For the power user who wants to try going deeper into their device, this free software is certainly worth a try. The Mac version offers similar features, and on Thinksy 's website you will find more information about this software. It supports all series of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Much easier than iTunes, more function than iFunbox! Backup, manage all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad an.

iTunes: Fix iPhone or iPad Not Detected in Windows 10

I am not comfortable with the software maker uploading my phone's identity to them. I tried their trial. It expired. I know software m akers may put something on your computer that survives deletion and reinstallation but in this case I tried installing it on a completely different computer. When I tried one of their applications it has to do an additional download. It is at that time, I believe, that it uploads info about you to them. Because this brand new install on a computer where it had never been used before immediately said my trial had expired. It either had placed something on the phone or had uploaded something to them.

How to connect an iPhone to a Windows 10 PC: Install iTunes

One often overlooked thing is your device passcode. So make sure you know it or set one up temporarily. Check out this article for an in-depth look at the cool storage tools available for folks using iOS 11 and above. He is based out of Los Angeles, CA. In a former life, Sudz worked helping Fortune companies with their technology and business transformation aspirations. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

How to locate your ios .ipsw file (windows 10) downloaded by itunes on windows 10

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